Global Entrepreneurship Week – Lebanon

Global Entrepreneurship Week – Lebanon

Mark your Calendar from 12 – 18 November 2012

In a country of 4 million residents, 98% of established businesses are Small or Medium Enterprises. Those SMEs constitute the backbone of the Lebanese economy. Most of them have originated from entrepreneurs seeking to make a difference, to contribute to the country’s growth and to induce a positive change in Lebanon’s employment landscape.

GEW Lebanon will gather the nation’s leading entrepreneurs and will provide them with a unique opportunity to connect with key players who will potentially help fuel their ideas and projects. One can imagine the potential impact GEW 2012 could have on Lebanon’s development and highly entrepreneurial spirit.

Entrepreneurs across Lebanon, this is your chance to thrive, to generate ideas and turn them into possibilities. Join the Global Entrepreneurship Week – Lebanon 2012 and be part of the change that will fuel economic growth and job creation!

During the period of a single week, millions of people all over the world will be joining a growing event entitled “Global Entrepreneurship Week”. This event has been recognized as the largest celebration of entrepreneurship. It connects students, entrepreneurs and business leaders through local and global activities designed to help them explore and expose their potential as self-starters. GEW aims to inspire the new generations to engage in innovation and unleash their creativity.

More than an awareness campaign, GEW is a global initiative supported by world leaders and renowned entrepreneurs. For more information about GEW, please visit the official website

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