The Lebanese Telecommunication Ministry Website is being redesigned at last

The old Lebanese Telecommunication Ministry is no more,awaiting to see the new website to better reflect the country ambitions in  obtaining a major role in Entrepreneurship, Technology Start-ups and the recent Beirut Digital District project. The website ( currently display the following image:   And if you like a sneak peak at the ancient old website dating 2004; here […]

Beirut Digital District, between politics and technology

Much of politics, little of technology! This is the impression one would get from following the launch of “Beirut Digital District,” which is a good step but it needs more explaining, clarification and marketing. It needs this because the information communications technology sector is one of the prominent economic development, innovative and technological sectors in […]

Berytech, ZRE & the Ministry of Telecom Launch Beirut Digital District

The first Beirut Digital District building stands 9 stories high in Bachoura, an area geographically adjacent to Beirut’s Central District, Lebanon’s business hub, but quite far in terms of development. That might change soon however. The Digital District was conceived to attract foreign digital endeavors, boost local entrepreneurs’ opportunities and ‘bring expatriates back home’ according […]